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Geezer Duvet Pack Shot

GeezerDuvet CC is an entrepreneurial business that supplies and distributes nationally, an affordable, quality and simple electricity-saving device. The GeezerDuvet product offers a solution to many problems in South Africa, namely:

Geyser without duvet compared to one with a Geezer Duvet

South Africa is running out of electricity. Eskom is currently 'de-mothballing' certain power generation facilities at great cost but has no new production facilities planned to come on line in the next 2 years or more, instead they are desperate to reduce electricity usage in South Africa.

As supply dries up, so costs and negative impact to the consumer will increase. GeezerDuvet will save electricity thus saving money and benefiting the user, the environment, Eskom and ultimately the country as a whole.

What are the benefits of installing a Geezer Duvet?

In August 2003 GeezerDuvet commissioned Mr Andrew Bennett, MSc (Mechanical Engineering), to conduct independent tests on the efficiency of GeezerDuvet & PipeDuvet at UCT's Mechanical Engineering laboratory.

He tested our product extensively on a new 150 litre, electrical hot water geyser. Two tests were conducted: a standing loss test (i.e. no water was drained from the geyser) and one that mirrored normal household-type use. The electrical usage was monitored and compared to results from the geyser without the GeezerDuvet & PipeDuvet fitted. The difference gave a financial indication of the benefit of the product.

In a controlled environment and simulating the usage of hot water by a typical family of four, the test produced a forecast saving of 524 kWh per year, equivalent to a saving of approximately R460 p.a. (based on early 2009 Cape Town prices), year after year.

Our own research has found that the saving is substantially higher, as families typically do not have a new geyser, the ambient temperature does not remain at a constant 20°C and hot water usage varies dramatically.